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We want to provide developers and other individuals with a dedicated place to collect their funding links. We want to provide your customers with a quick and easy way to donate money to You without distractions.

Place the logo button in your application, blog, etc. and you will be ready to accept donations has no fixed monthly fees, you only pay for what you need and use. For free you get 1 000 credits plus a randomly created link in the format

You can pay a small fee to get a custom link for example
Each link activation has a fixed 1 000 credit (1.00 $) cost and in addition You only pay for how many times your page is visited or how many donations You receive.

If You run out of credits, your donors can choose to give a donation that will go towards the hosting costs (You receive credits to your account), after that You will receive donations again normally



  • One randomly generated link
  • One Image upload, max 2 MB size
  • 1 000 page loads or 10 Donations
  • 1 000 credits (one pageload uses 1 credit)

Example 1

$5 payment

  • 5 000 credits
  • +1 Image uploads, max 2 MB size
  • 5 000 page loads or 50* Donations
  • Custom Link cost 1$ (1 000 credits)

Example 2

$30 payment

  • 30 000 credits
  • 6 Image uploads, max 2 MB size
  • 30 000 page loads or 300* Donations
  • Help center access

* Page loads and donation amounts you receive depend on if you activate any custom links etc.
Each donation uses 100 credits (0.1 $) regardless of how big or small the donation is.